an October 2020 one page calendar featuring a vintage-looking black cat with spiky fur, two smaller white cats inside of Jack-O-Lanterns with the pumpkin tops on their heads, as well as fall leaves. It shows a calendar layout with October 31st circled, and text stating "Watch Out! Halloween, Oct 31st" to the right. this is the edited version of the 1957 norcross calendar.


I'm planning to begin to use this space again for writing, DIY, etc. but this post isn't the time for a convoluted summary of everything I've learned in the past year.

I was very ill for almost all of August, and I needed something to distract me from the pain. Planning for my favorite time of year was the perfect thing to cheer me up and kill time! In my excessive Autumn Pinterest browsing I came across an October 1957 Calendar made by the greeting card company Norcross. It was just too cute to pass up, so I made some edits to transform it into a calendar that you can use for spooky season this year! The original had date markers for Halloween and Columbus day, but I removed the one for Columbus day because it's not an occasion that is worth celebrating for me. (All Colonizers Are Bastards) Here are the before and after pictures! Feel free to print them and frame them or pin them up for some easy vintage-inspired halloween flair! For the imgur link, click here

The same design from above with duller colors. the calendar layout is for October 1957 instead, and October 12th is circled in addition to halloween. In addition to the text shown on the above edited image, it also states "Columbus Day- October 12th"the same edited image above, but placed next to the original version to show a before and after comparison.

We'll talk soon. Love,

-Celina Carra

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