This past month I've been very busy, so I've been taking a lot of time to create vintage looks to kind of force myself to focus on myself for a little while. I've been home in NC for a few months with a limited wardrobe, so it's been a fun challenge to create era-inspired outfits with what I have. I'll be back in Philly soon with all my clothes and accessories, and I'm excited to have better lighting and more to work with. Here are 3 vintage makeup looks and outfits that I've pulled together in February.

Late 60's Mod 

I've seen a lot of people have been doing Twiggy inspired makeup online so I wanted to try my hand at it. It was a challenge because I am not good at eyeshadow or eyeliner but I had a good time and I think it turned out well! I paired it with a true vintage lantern sleeve patterned silk top that my Grandma gave to me, a velvet mini skirt, and some sheer tights. For accessories, I popped in some square gold hoop earrings and a black headband. 


20's Drop Waist 

After writing my post about 20s fashion trends, I felt inspired to do my own look with my super comfy drop-waisted dress from boohoo. This dress is definitely not super era-accurate because it's a little too short, but it definitely still evokes the style of the time. Of course, I applied blush to my knees, and rolled down some stockings to show them off. I put up my hair so it looked shorter, tried to make my brows as thin as possible, did a subtle smokey eye, strong blush and some kewpie doll lips. I was really feeling this less flashy look and it was the perfect combo of comfy and cute. 


50s Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was one of my earliest fashion inspirations. Her classy simple style was the thing that got me into vintage originally, and I look up to her to this day although my taste has become more eclectic. For this look, I went back to my roots and did a Sabrina inspired look with a crew neck bodysuit and some black linen slacks. For the makeup I made my brows more straight and thick, did a small wing, some white frosty eyeliner, blush and some coral lipstick with a sharp cupid's bow. I put my hair up in a bun to emulate Audrey's short hair in the 1954 movie. 


I hope to put together more looks and take higher quality pictures in the coming month when I'm back with my stuff. Wishing everyone peace and love.

Thanks for reading,

-Celina Carra

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