The end of my semester was a little chaotic, I've had a lot of changes with my living situation, job, classes etc. I'm home for the summer, so I plan to write more (gotta keep my fans happy). I'm happy to report that I've made the Dean's list for the third semester in a row, and I got an exciting promotion at my job. 

Towards the end of the semester, I ventured out of my room more and spent some time in the city. I also dressed up more and created new outfits, because I knew I'd have to take the bus home and have only one duffle bag of clothes to work with for the summer. Here are three outfits that I put together while finishing up my sophomore year of college. 

Day Trip to Paris

I got this dress at a thrift store a few years ago, and I have never worn it as much as it deserves. I'm not sure when it's from, but it gives me 50s diner vibes because of the black checker pattern and red trim. I paired it with other pops of color in my red lip and red beret, and kept the rest of the accessories simple with my black tights and strappy heels. Finally, my favorite black sheer day gloves always add a classic elegant touch to a vintage outfit. 

Never thought of myself as a beret person before, but I love what it adds to an outfit like this. 


I recently found the dark-vintage clothing brand Nicoletta Carlone through a very accurate targeted ad. Their designs are often inspired by historic fashion trends, which is what made me fall in love with this sweater (link). The 'Jezebel' design was originally created by Susan Dannenberg, a seamstress who became popular in the 1940s when she added flashy appliques to women's sweaters. The bleeding heart just screams bombshell to me, and I love Nicoletta Carlone's sparkly sequin version of the trend. 

I paired it with one of my favorite thrift finds of all time, a red genuine leather bodycon skirt that happens to fit me perfectly. This simple look was complete with a pair of heels and a red lip. 

Disco Diva

This look was very directly inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest from the late 60s. I thrifted this mini dress quite a few years ago, and it's only got more mini since then as I've gone through a second growth spurt. But I love how it looks layered with this pink lantern-sleeve top from Mango, and with my hair up in a ribbon-bow in a matching color that I got from the dollar store. Going along with the pink theme, I wore pink velvet loafer-style flats to complete the look. 

Inspiration Image

That's all I've got for now. Remember that you never need an occasion to be the best dressed person in the room! Talk to you soon.

- Celina Carra

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