My name is Celina Carra. I'm a junior media studies major at Temple University hoping to go into the field of narrative journalism. I believe in advancing media accessibility, removing stigma from all aspects of mental health, and overall using individual privilege as a tool to encourage change and create better opportunities for marginalized groups to be heard and prioritized. Personally, I carry many identifiers-- I'm a singer-songwriter, a queer person born and raised in the South, an amateur fashion historian and vintage culture lover, a horror movie connoisseur, and perhaps most evidently, a bundle of contradictions. 


I started blogging just after my 12th birthday, posting DIY and life-related content on a website that I modified from a blogger template using html and css. A lot has changed since then, but my love for this format that combines design, writing and accessibility has remained the same. In my ripe old age of 20, I've created this new space to share my projects, my interests, my struggles, and opinions. But above all, I've created it to put myself out there and get into the habit of writing, even just to shout into the void of the dying blog medium. Look for posts on: fashion history, personal style, mental health/self growth, DIY, and film. 
P.S-- you can view my blog from 2013 here if you want to see my journey!