After my birthday, we had a couple days left in Rochester to take it easy and explore new locations. 

The first stop on our 4th day in New York was Artisanworks, an event space and art gallery inside of a warehouse in Rochester. We got coffee first, at a big cold empty shop in the same building that only had hot espresso drinks (in the 90 degree heat). 

Walking into Artisanworks, I immediately fell in love with the maximalist eclectic vintage feel of the space. With high ceilings, bright walls and colored lights, the space was absolutely packed with beautiful art and vintage items. 

The feeling of the space was almost indescribable, like walking into a dream. The different rooms throughout the space had themes, as noted by the map we picked up at the door. We walked into a Marilyn Monroe themed room first, full of photographs of the late starlet. We saw a display of vintage camera equipment and a small darkroom, a nod to the Eastman-Kodak company that is based in Rochester.

Other highlights included a bar room with two full walls of old neon signs.

There was also a 'boulevard' walkway with room displays along it displaying vintage furniture, taxidermy and art.

My definite favorite space was the 'retro room' which was full of old appliances, entertainment and other everyday items that transported me to a time I never got to know personally.

There was also the Frank Lloyd Wright room, inspired by the American architect and designer, the most tame room in the building, with a well-maintained vintage car parked around the corner. 

On our way out we saw the firefighter room, which made my boyfriend's inner child happy. 

Our last stop on the way out was the dentist's, a room full of antique dental equipment that put Little Shop of Horrors to shame.

I left Artisanworks feeling incredibly inspired to become successful enough to make a home of my own and fill it to the brim with oddities and beautiful pieces of art. I didn't expect the experience to be so immersive, and the space to be so large and maze-like. I definitely recommend visiting if you are ever in the area.

We finished our day with a stop at a local bakery, where I was kindly gifted a box of macarons in various flavors (my favorite treat). 

Our final day in Rochester was spent at the Lilac Festival, a yearly event that celebrates the flower of the city with vendors, musical acts and food aplenty. This year's attractions were limited for obvious reasons, but it was great to see the flowers nonetheless. They smelled incredible and were very beautiful. (Side note, Rochester Natives pronounce the flower "Lye-locks" which I think is amazing) 
Finally, we cooled off with some ice cream from a local creamery, and our trip to New York State came to a close.

I can't overstate how thankful I am to have been able to travel with such a warm group of people and have such a great experience outside of my normal stomping grounds. This was not my first trip to upstate NY, and it won't be my last. But it is certainly one to remember for years to come.

Until next time... Unpleasant dreams

- Celina Carra


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